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Today's water features are more varied and lower maintenance than ever. The most popular water feature in today's landscape is the water garden. The water garden contains moving water (generally a small waterfall and a pump for recirculation), aquatic plantings and aquatic wildlife such as fish.

Over the past decade, water garden 'kits' have made the provision and installation of water gardens much simpler. The 'kits' come in a variety of sizes providing a host of cost options. Sizes range from 8' x 10' to 25' x 35'. The sound and site of mowing water is tremendous. The sound of a waterfall is calming and can also create some 'white noise' to deaden other sounds nearby.

Aquatic vegetation puts the 'garden' in the water garden. The range of aquatic plants available allows for varied bloom times and excellent variation in plant form, leaf color and leaf texture. Marginals can live near the edge of a pond or water garden, while submerged plants thrive in a range of water depth from 6" to 24". Aquatic plants also have the benefit of helping to keep the water clean by absorbing nutrients from the water and shading the water to decrease the amount of sunlight available for algae formation.

For clients desiring only the site and sound of water, the 'kits' can still be used without the aquatic vegetation. The same advantages of moving water are enjoyed in this application. The sound is the same, regardless of the aquatic vegetation.

Fountains can be incorporated to add structure and/or sound to smaller places such as entryways and patios. They can vary greatly in size, take up minimal space and add sound to the setting. These are generally simple devices and need conventional power to run.

GardenArt also constructs custom water features incorporating the 'kits'. We can add creek beds water flows through prior to falling into a water garden. We have working relationships with other pump suppliers and civil engineers to construct significantly larger features when desired by our clients.

Regardless of the size, GardenArt can work with you to determine which type of water feature is appropriate for you and your lifestyle.

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Water Fall
water feature

small-sized pond with small waterfall

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