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Walls and driveways

The construction of retaining walls and driveways is generally a more extensive construction process than that of patios and walkways. GardenArt constructs retaining walls made from a wide variety of materials, ranging from pre-cast block to pressure treated lumber.

We work with Unilock to provide our pre-cast retaining wall products. They offer a wide range of materials manufactured for a variety of retaining wall applications. Our suppliers of natural stone provide us with a wide range of stone sizes and colors, allowing GardenArt the flexibility we desire to address a wide range of retaining wall applications.

GardenArt also uses pressure treated lumber and natural, native granite boulders to construct retaining walls. These materials can offer retaining walls more cost effective than some of the pre-cast blocks and natural stone products.

GardenArt will ask questions during the initial meetings to determine the function of the wall; how visible will the wall be; what materials do you, the client, prefer? Once we have your input, we can offer material recommendations and options to balance the aesthetic of the wall with budget options.

GardenArt also offers the design and installation of driveways and auto-courts. We work with a limited number of paving options for this application. Driveways require a stronger type of paver and GardenArt works with manufacturers of concrete, clay and stone pavers to be sure the product is sufficiently strong to handle the increased loads of vehicular traffic.

Driveways constructed of concrete, clay or stone pavers create a distinctive aesthetic feel to homes and businesses. Due to the structural flexibility of these paving methods, driveways constructed of concrete, clay or stone pavers offer a product designed to last longer and hold up better than conventional concrete and asphalt paving methods.

Though initially expensive, driveways properly constructed of concrete, clay or stone pavers offer a superior long-term alternative to our conventional paving methods.

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Tiered bench seat with matching walkway
Bench seat

Bench seat with 3-dimensional seat-wall

Natural stone retaining wall with plant pockets
Native boulder wall

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