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Walks, patios and terraces

GardenArt provides the design and installation of walks, patios and terraces using a wide range of materials, including concrete pavers, clay pavers, pattern stone, flagstone and specialty gravels.

Our design process begins with assessing the needs of you, the client. We will discuss how you would like to use a patio. How many people do you intend to entertain on your patio? What type of surface do you envision walking on? How will a patio or terrace integrate with your home? How visible is the terrace from your home?

We have a similar set of questions for sidewalks and walkways. How do intend to circulate around your home? Do you need wider pathways for equipment? How do you want visitors to approach the house? Do you have multiple entry points to your home?

Once we have determined the parameters of the paved surface, we will discuss materials. We offer a minimum of 50 surfaces for sidewalks, patios and walkways covering a wide range of costs. GardenArt works with manufacturers such as Unilock (concrete pavers), Pine Hall and Belden (clay pavers) and numerous stone quarries for pattern stone and flagstone.

Our relationships with a wide range of quarries and manufacturers allows GardenArt to use materials reflecting the architecture of your home or business and the realities of your budget. With the materials offered by GardenArt, the design possibilities are endless.

Our installation crews have decades of experience and attend continuing education seminars on an annual basis to understand new products and the latest in installation efficiency. GardenArt prides itself on the variety of materials we offer for paving and the manner in which these materials are installed.

Take a minute to view our images on the website to see the products we have installed over the past few years.

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front foundation elements
Paver walkway

Irregular flagstone and terraced patio
Walk and bench seat wall

House Entryway
Steps, walls and landing

Steps of tumbled pre-cast concrete
curved bench seat and rear patio

Patio and bench seats

Deck landing and flagstone
Main entrance

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