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Planting Design and Installation

Planting design and installation consists of combining the desires of the client (style of garden, desired level of maintenance, specific plant material), the realities of the site, (architecture of the house, existing site conditions such as soil, natural light, topography) with our expertise (planting design, installation practices, material selection), creating a product which is aesthetically pleasing and sustainable over time.

Plant material is the most dynamic element in the landscape. Our broad yet regionally appropriate plant pallet allows our designers to create planting designs offering a seasonal variety of plant material resulting in year round interest.

GardenArts' designers and plant purveyors search the Midwest for new plant material, nurserymen who produce exceptional plant material on a consistent basis and continuing education opportunities allowing our designers to evaluate new landscape design concepts and newly introduced plant materials.

Our installation process includes many value-added enhancements which are not seen by the naked eye. Providing better drainage with sub surface tiling has a huge positive effect on long term plant performance. Our planting mix improves soil texture and quality, aiding in plant establishment and plant health.

Our planting design and installation services include creating low maintenance curb appeal, large and diverse planting beds containing a wide range of plant material, cutting gardens, rain gardens to more effectively address drainage issues, perennial borders and other specialty gardens focusing on collections of specific plant types.

GardenArt's commitment to sustainable design, procurement of quality plant material, professional installation and continuing education combine to provide our clients the highest quality of gardens.

Let GardenArt refresh your home's curb appeal today!

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