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Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lighting invites the home owner to enjoy the garden and it's components after dark. Low voltage lighting is energy efficient, simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Imagine how times you look out upon your landscape after the sun has set, especially in the fall, winter and spring. Low voltage lighting brings your landscape to life after dark. Outdoor living spaces are more inviting after dark. During the winter, falling snow and snow blanketing the ground reflects low voltage lighting, creating a new and unique look for your landscape. You can enjoy your landscape from the comfort of your home regardless of weather conditions.

LV lighting creates shadow, silhouette, light along walkways and ambient light to carry on conversations. The variety of lamps makes the possibilities of low voltage lighting endless. The use of photo cells and timers makes the operation of your low voltage lighting system virtually maintenance free.

GardenArt offers Kichler, Cast and Vista low-voltage fixtures. This variety of fixtures allows us to work toward both aesthetic and budgetary goals of our clients. The lighting of trees, patio areas, watering gardens and pathways allows GardenArt to bring your landscape to life....after hours.

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