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The garden room concept is an extension of a home's indoor living space. Key components of the garden room are patios or terraces immersed in plantings ranging from formal to less structured and seasonally dynamic.

Often times, elements such as water gardens are incorporated into a garden room. Water gardens add the elements of sound, movement and aquatic life to the outdoor setting. The sound of water is soothing, while the movement of water and fish adds flow of the garden.

Garden structures such as pergolas, custom fence panels and custom trellises add architecture to the garden room. Pergolas create a destination within the garden, a semi-enclosed space designed for relaxation. Custom designed and constructed fence panels and trellises add privacy to parts of the garden room where desired. They also create ideal spaces allowing the addition of vines to the garden, which over time soften the architectural elements.

Low voltage lighting allows the garden room to be used and viewed after dark, when you are generally home to enjoy the garden. Energy efficient and easy to care for, low voltage lighting is an excellent value for the garden. Low voltage lighting has really evolved over the past decade to offer a wide range of fixtures and lamps creating many unique effects, enhancing your garden after dark.

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