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LED Low Voltage Lighting Special, Spring 2015

March 3, 2015


GardenArt is offering a 15% discount on low voltage LED outdoor lighting design and installation packages through June 15th of 2015. LEDs (light emitting diodes) are a very energy efficient and long-lived outdoor lighting method. We have been using low voltage (LV) LED lighting in the landscape for the past three years and have been very impressed with the results. LV LED lighting offers an energy efficient and sustainable method of enhancing your home and property.

Here are some of the questions we field from clients when we talk about LED low voltage lighting projects....

1). What can I light in the landscape?

The lighting of architectural features on the home such as columns, brick, stonework and doorways add after dark aesthetic enhancements to your home. Shade, ornamental evergreen trees are excellent lighting candidates and help to bring the landscape to life after dark.

In the winter, snow draped evergreens create excellent interest to the landscape. An added bonus is the reflection snow creates lighting up a dark winter setting.

Path lighting can enhance the sidewalks leading to the entry of your home. Steps in walks become much safer to negotiate. Path and area lighting will also allow ambient lighting of outdoor living spaces such as decks, patios and pergolas.

2). Don't LED fixtures have a funky blue color to the light?

No longer! Kichler has developed LV LED fixtures, which create the warm light with which most of us are familiar. New technology allows for whiter light, similar to a moonlit night. Many excellent options exist for the proper color of light to enhance your home and property.

3). What are the components of low voltage lighting?

The four primary components of low voltage lighting are the transformer, the light fixtures themselves, low voltage wire and wire nuts. The most expensive single component of a low voltage package is the transformer. This device takes standard voltage used in the house (generally 120 volts) and decreases the voltage to a very safe 12 volts. The transformer plugs into any standard exterior outlet.

4). How much maintenance is associated with LED low voltage lighting?

Simply put, very little. LED fixtures don't have bulbs, so there is no bulb replacement to do. Generally, maintenance consists of straightening path lights after winter and repositioning uplights on plants, specifically trees, as they mature.

Occasionally, a critter may munch on a low voltage wire, but this is easy to diagnose and repair.

5). What type of warranty do the components have?

The low voltage transformers we install carry a lifetime warranty on all electric components. Timers and photocells carry a one-year warranty. The finish on stainless steel transformers is lifetime. We have returned 12-year-old transformers to the manufacturer for repair at no charge and have reinstalled them in perfect working order. The LV-LED fixtures carry a 15 year or 40,000 hour warranty. If the light fixture fails within that time period, let us know and we will get a replacement.

6). What does a LV-LED lighting system generally cost to install?

For a transformer, 6-8 fixtures, low voltage wire and wire nuts will cost between $2000-2500 depending upon the specific fixtures used. Path lights have a wide range of costs depending upon the style of the particular fixture.

When you consider the life of the primary components of the LV LED lighting system, it is an excellent long-term value.

7). What do I need to do to get started?

Give us a call or send an email and we will arrange a time to meet and discuss your lighting needs. We will size up your home, your landscape elements and develop a design and estimate for installation.

We will have brochures showing the wide array of path lights available and will be able to talk though what makes sense for your project.

8). Can we see examples of your work?

You bet. We can arrange to visit sites after dark or provide addresses for you to check out. GardenArt feels LV LED lighting is truly an excellent value. Thanks for your consideration.