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Do you charge for your design services?

Yes, we do. We believe our experience and expertise has value. If we provide goods and/or services for what we design, the design fee is rebated when you are invoiced for our installation services. If our design services are enlisted for services we don't perform (concrete and asphalt work: walks and drives, conceptual design for structures, sitting of swimming pools) we do bill for our time.

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Do you guarantee work materials and workmanship?

Absolutely. All GardenArt provided plant material is guaranteed for two full years from time of installation, labor inclusive. If a particular plant or grouping fails twice, GardenArt reserves the right to change the plant material.

Hardscaping (patios, sidewalks, terraces, entryways) are warranted for two years in the event of minor settling. This includes lifting the pavers, removing the sand, making necessary changes to base material and reinstalling the pavers.

Low voltage lighting materials carry a specific warranties for fixtures and transformers. This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Pumps for water features carry a one year manufacturer warranty.

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Does GardenArt deliver or sell products to 'do-it-yourself' homeowners?

ABSOLUTELY! We provide and deliver shredded bark mulch, planting mix and plant material to the do-it-yourself market.

We stock mulch and planting mix and can generally be delivered within one to three days. We can locate and provide plant material for clients who cannot find what they are looking for locally.

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What services do you not provide?

We currently do not offer lawn applications, lawn mowing, lawn installation, deck construction or snow removal.

We do have relationships with contactors which provide the above services to offer a complete package to our clients.

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Do you plow snow ?

No, we do not offer snow removal services. We can suggest a snow removal contractor if you like.

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Do you cut grass ?

We do some commercial lawn care, however not one of our primary services. We do not service any residential lawns. We can suggest quality contractors for this service if you choose.

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What kind of mulch do you carry and how much is it?

We carry shredded hardwood woodsbark mulch only. It is $33 per cubic yard, which will cover approximately 100sf at 3" thick. Our delivery rates are $30 for West Lafayette and $40 for Lafayette. You can have up to 10 cubic yards delivered per delivery. Please contact us for delivery rates outside of the Greater Lafayette area.

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Can I order something to be delivered through the website?

Definitely! Simply go to the Contact Us page and submit your request at your convenience. We'll get back to you no later than the following morning.

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What should I have at our first meeting?

Any plans relating to the house and the lot (site plan showing house on the lot and utility easements), including architectural drawings, site of septic system, irrigation if you have a sprinkler system, or electric dog fence.

Any and all visions for your property (do I want to entertain outside, what do I like or dislike about my lot and surroundings, likes and dislikes regarding paving and plant materials). Pictures of landscapes or landscape elements you like are always helpful.

Thirty to sixty minutes of time to discuss your project.

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How long does the process take?

This can be job specific, but generally the following time line is followed:

Before leaving the initial appointment, a return date and time is set to review design concepts and budgets. This is usually two to three weeks from the initial appointment. If revisions are needed, they can take an additional two weeks. Once work is approved, we generally can be on your site in two to six weeks, depending on the time of the year and the task at hand.

There are exceptions to these guidelines, generally where deadlines are involved for our commercial clients or residential clients which specific events upcoming.

Certain plant materials and/or types of work need to be done at specific times of the year or under specific weather conditions.

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How do you invoice the project?

GardenArt requires a 25% down payment upon acceptance of the design and the associated estimates. The down payment places you on our schedule for installation.

In most instances, you will receive one invoice upon completion of the project. This invoice is due within ten days. If a portion of the project needs to be performed at a later date, that portion of the project will be billed only after it is completed.

With projects that are more involved in scope, lasting beyond one month, you will be invoiced for the portion of the project which has been completed. The same terms apply, payment within ten days.

We currently only accept checks for payment.

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Will you have the utilities located or does the homeowner need to do that?

A few days prior to our arrival we will have the following utilitis located by Indiana Plant Protection Services: cable/phone, natural gas, electric and city-provided water lines. All other utilities will be the responsibility of the homeowner, such as: invisible fences, satellite dishes, septic systems and liquid propane gas lines.

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Landscape Care

How do I care for my landscape?

GardenArt will provide you with instructions pertaining to watering new plant material, lawns and general plant groups. For specific plant or pest problems, see the 'Links' page to Purdue University Extension Services. They provide a wealth of information regarding plants, pests, diagnosis and evaluation of problems through the Plant Pest Diagnostic Lab.

If something in your new landscape is not looking right (leaf drop, wilty appearance to foliage etc), please email or call Korena Vawter so we can check things out.

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